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Prada SS21


Cactus Digital



"Exploring clean lines and the notion of uniform, let's take a closer look at the new PRADA SlingBack shoes SS21 through the episode 02 of #CactusVoyage, a series of digital collaborations highlighting iconic accessories from some of the leading fashion brands."

WKM was tasked with bringing these shoes from this iconic brand to life. Each shoe was painstakingly modeled from the ground up and crafted with close attention to the finest detail then paired with custom made 4K materials so you could feel like you could actually touch them. Add in some dynamic lighting so you can really see all of the attributes that have made these shoes an icon in the fashion industry, and you end up with a video we are incredibly proud to have produced!


Client: Cactus Digitale
Creative Director: Luca Smorgan

Digital Content Creator: Caterina Castello

Post Production Company: We Know Motion
3D Modeling: Dany Diaz
3D Animation: Adam Williamson
Sound Design: Nicola Zolin

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