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WKM Recognized at 2020 NYX Video Awards

Updated: Jul 12, 2020



After an intense judging period featuring entries from 32 countries, We Know Motion has won the Silver Award for Motion Graphics in the 2020 NYX Video Awards.

"We feel very fortunate and honored to have been included among the many talented artists and companies from around the world to be featured in this year's NYX Video Awards. " Adam Williamson (Owner and Creative Director - We Know Motion)

The NYX Marcom and NYX Video Awards are international awards competitions open to all marketing communications and videography professionals whose creative expertise and proficiency are both celebrated and recognized.

“We are proud of all the amazing individuals, agencies and companies who joined the NYX Awards this year!”, said Kenjo Ong, CEO of the International Awards Associate (IAA). “This win by We Know Motion is not just a testament to their unbridled talent, but one that will inspire many for years to come.”

Grand Jury Panel

The winning entries are judged impartially by a group of esteemed marketing communications and videography professionals of exceptional quality. IAA selects a panel of international judges in the adjudication process, adhering to a strict code of excellence. With the 2020 panel comprising judges from 16 countries from large and small agencies, the NYX Awards embraces diversity and ingenuity that comes from all corners of the world.

NYX entries are ranked via blind judging in accordance to industry-best standards. Entries will be evaluated based on the creative proficiency and the messages behind each visual concept. Winners will then be selected based on their ability to meet competition criteria.

International Brands Represented

Among the submissions, some familiar global brands are represented, which include World Vision Canada, Heineken USA, PETA, BMW, Audi, Player One Trailers, Morris Animal Foundation, FabFitFun, Adidas, Miami Ad School, American Migraine Foundation, BBC Studioworks/Shoot You Ltd, Dell EMC, Unilever, CGTN, Lexus, Western Digital and AARP to list a few.

“A NYX Award has never just been about the title. It’s an affirmation for the hard work these individuals have given,” Ong said. “Their phenomenal ideas and concepts are two big reasons why the NYX Awards will continue to honor proficiency and expertise that transcends beyond normalcy.”

“If the ideas and concepts are this exceptional now, we cannot wait to see what’s in store from the marketing communications and videography community in the next season!”, Ong concluded.

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